About Us

Our Parish Council

Our Parish Council (PC) is the governing body for the financial and property affairs of our church. Parish Councillors are elected annually to represent our congregations and lead our Parish. Their work involves determining matters of policy, providing oversight of payments and budgets and the management of our buildings and assets.

The PC team serve our church wonderfully as they wisely resource and support all our ministries. If you have questions for PC you can speak to a Parish Councillor on any Sunday or email the office to get in touch.

Anne Robertson


Glen Pang


Brett Death


Mark Turks

Parish Councillor

Lauren Willars pic 2024

Lauren Willars

Parish Councillor

Scott Odlum pic 2024

Scott Odlum

Parish Councillor

Michael Cooney pic 2024

Michael Cooney

Parish Councillor

Pete Stedman

Parish Councillor

Norwest Governance

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Our Mission Partners

The Chihakas

Tendai is leading gospel ministry across all tertiary and other institutions in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. He is involved in preaching the Word of God to students, helping them to know the Lord Jesus, and teaching them to love and proclaim the life found in Him.

Our friends in Asia

Our friends working among unreached people groups in Asia.

The Warths

Matt & Naomi Warth live in the mining town of Wickham in the Pilbara region of WA. They proclaim Jesus while providing practical care, positive relationships and assistance to disadvantaged people (especially those who are Aboriginal) to create a suitable environment for discipleship to take place. They have a particular focus on schools and prison chaplaincy.

African Enterprise

As an Australian supporting church, we help to finance and equip the work of African Enterprise (AE). AE is involved in sharing the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ in the cities of Africa – in word and deed – and in partnership with local churches.

Anglican Aid

Anglican Aid advances the work of the Anglican Church of Australia within the Diocese of Sydney by proclaiming the love of God as shown in Christ through social welfare, pastoral care and charitable and humanitarian work for the relief of poverty, sickness, suffering, distress, misfortune and helplessness. We partner with them particularly in the context of their Australian church projects

Barnabas Aid

Barnabas Fund

Barnabas Fund sends financial support to projects that help Christians where they suffer discrimination, oppression and persecution as a consequence of their faith. The projects aim to strengthen Christian individuals, churches and their communities by providing material and spiritual support in response to their needs.

Moore and Youthworks College

Moore College and Youthworks College prepare men and women for a lifetime of ministry and mission through in-depth theological training. We partner with these colleges as they shape the next generation of those who will proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ to adults, youth and children in Sydney and beyond.