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Psalms: Portraits of the King

The Psalms have comforted, guided and given words to deep emotion to God’s people for thousands of years.

But they also point forward, and speak of one who will come to put all things right.

Join us throughout all holidays in 2018, as we discover picture after picture of our Saviour, in Portraits of the King.

Date: 15 Oct, 2018  |  

Preacher: Mark Hadley

Date: 8 Oct, 2018  |  

Preacher: Craig Foster

Date: 30 Sep, 2018  |  

Preacher: Tim Scoular

Date: 23 Jul, 2018  |  

Preacher: James Lewis

Date: 16 Jul, 2018  |  

Preacher: Simon Wang

Date: 9 Jul, 2018  |  

Preacher: Ed Springer