Newcomers Events

Newcomers Events



If you are new to Norwest – it is so good to have you with us! Whether you are a committed follower of Jesus, or perhaps a sceptic trying to work out who Jesus is and where he fits into life – it’s a pleasure to welcome you to our church. In a church of our size it can be hard to work out how things work and who people are, so therefor we run the following events.

For our two morning services, once each term we run a Newcomers Morning Tea. At our evening services we run a Newcomers Supper. These Newcomers Events are a chance to meet some staff, meet some regulars, drink good coffee and hear a little about what Norwest Anglican is all about. We advertise these during our services.

A number of times a year we run a course for new people called Life Together. This runs for 3 weeks and is a great place to hear all about what God is doing here and to ask all those questions that you might have.

It’s so good to have you along.